Why start with our school tomorrow?

Stop, look at us, think for a moment, are you on the right way? Yes, you're on the right way, make a decision, choose us and experience the quality of every single lesson you will take with us!

We are an online school, anybody from any country can attend the classes at their desired time and pace.


Our prices are competitive, especially if compared to the other online schools which offer lessons or similar courses in language education (not recorded lessons / courses).


We are a strong team of professional experienced teachers: non – native + native speakers with the appropriate education. We believe it's the best combination for studying a language.

Way of Teaching

We fight with your laziness in an effective entertaining way, make you feel motivated and interested in studying foreign languages and having classes with us.



You just need to have at least 2 lessons a week to start seeing the first results.

If you liked our courses, you have the ability and option to continue studying with us.

Ability to Continue

Small Groups

We have max. 4 students in each group. In our opinion this is the best optimal amount of people for a group class.

We don't use other people's materials. All our materials are unique and made by us with love for your successful studying.

Special Materials

We don't see the value in money, we see the value in your knowledge, because that's the only thing that makes the teacher truly happy - to see the progress of her / his students.

Students' Progress is Our Happiness